Are The Cabling Installers You Hire Up to “Speed”?

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By: David Schrembeck, RCDD


Like most industries, data network infrastructure cabling
has seen its share of changes. At one time each computer network utilized
proprietary cabling. From RS232 and IBM Type 1 to Thin and Thicknet coax. You
had to use the same company and sometimes the same installers because each
system had its own peculiar scheme. Soon afterwards we saw the adoption of UTP
(unshielded twisted pair) standards. This media has been in existence since
Alexander Gram Bell and is currently the 1st choice of typical
network installations.

A rapid progression of network speed and bandwidth required
the same from copper cabling. The advent of CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6 and now Augmented
CAT6 also known as CAT6A has resulted in an exponential increase in speed and

As increased performance expectations grew it was obvious a
strict adherence to standards would be required. UL, ETL, TIA, IEEE, BICSI and
the NEC are just a few of the “alphabet soup” organizations diligently working
to insure a compliant product.

When choosing a cabling solution for your organization make
sure quality and performance are guaranteed. High performing products such as
CommScope Uniprise and Systimax, Berk-Tek, Leviton and Hubbell are the right
start. But the product must be properly handled and installed to meet the
manufacturers’ strict warranty requirements. International suppliers like
Graybar, Jenne and Anixter are instrumental to a good install. But no product
will perform properly if it’s not installed by a competent, well trained
technician. Great service provided by a great staff is not a local “commodity”.

DBS offers a complete end-to-end solution. From
obtaining local permits, performing complete end-to-end testing and providing a
manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a complete solution to your cabling
infrastructure needs. Don’t be seduced by a lowball price only to find several
months later your system isn’t only performing poorly but it was illegally
installed by a company that has closed its doors and reopened simply to avoid
legal recourse and payment of its monetary obligations.

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